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That is how you can describe my photos in three words. 

Marjon Broeks, (Amsterdam 1963), autodidact, has been interested in photography from an early age. During her younger years, she gathered inspiration from growing up between her father’s numerous black and white style photos and magazines.

Marjon started with travel- and street photography during her trips to India and the Middle east. Later she became specialized in Theater photography, specifically focussing on Flamenco, Sufi and dance performances. Her interest in the meaning of rituals and cultural expressions on stage begun since she studied Antropologhy. Marjon’s objective when working is to capture the emotion and passions displayed by the artists and to be the link between the artists, the audience and the outside world.

Her photos represent the passion of the performers, highlighting the aesthetic, the purity, intensity  and chemistry between the artists. This is also her focus with portraitshoots and streetphotography.

Apart from her work in theater-photography, Marjon also regularly provides photos for websites, flyers or CD covers of different artists and musicians.

She also does photoshoots for companies as KLM, Flamenco Biennale Nederland, International Dance Theater and many others and makes (family) portraits.

Sources of inspiration are Bruce Weber, Peter Lindbergh, Anton Corbijn and Maria Austria.

Marjon has had various expositions. She photographed and wrote for Flamenco magazine 'Mundo Flamenco'. You can see her work in Café Duende in Amsterdam. All my work is for sale. Please contact me for any questions about prints!

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